Winter storm cancellations

I have decided to close the clinic when there is a severe storm on the horizon for several reasons.  One, it is a bad idea to invite people into my office when the streets are dangerous to drive.  Second, I would like the snow plows to get into the parking lot and get the lot cleared without my car in the way.  And third, I may have trouble getting out of my own driveway so I don’t want to hold up anyone who is waiting for me to arrive.

Snow storms of only a couple of inches or so will not be cancelled even if Leominster School District cancels.  That is a driving risk I’m willing to take to be able to get folks the acupuncture treatment they need.  I know some folks live really close to my office but I am one large hill and many windy roads away from my office to be always available to be open.

Be safe and I will see you at the clinic really soon.  Tess Bois