Welcome to Our New Image Here at One World Acupuncture!

Welcome to our new image here at One World Acupuncture! As you can see, we dropped the word “community” In our business name and logo. We still give acupuncture treatments in the same large room; nothing about that has changed. We updated the look and “feel” of our website and logo in more dark and earthy tones. The name got dropped because a manageable logo was difficult to create with 4 words. Since many of you called us “One World Acupuncture” anyway, it just seemed right to allow “mob rule.” Gotta go where the people go sometimes.

Checking the website for any schedule changes due to weather or vacations (we do take them every now and again) is now possible. If we run any treatment specials, we will let everyone know on the website. You can continue to be able to make appointments online. Hopefully accessing our website from smart phones will be much better but I will let you all be my eyes on smart phones. If you smart phone users do not find the website to be easy to navigate, let me know what you find problematic and will try to fix it. In fact, you can lodge your concerns in response to this blog.

Oh and about this blog. We’ve committed to post something relevant, useful or at least entertaining, twice a week. So this is the first blog which answers all the purposes for having a blog; relevancy; usefulness and at least somewhat entertaining. We nailed it; just ask us!

Let us know what you’re thinking about all these changes. We appreciate and continue to rely on your support of One World Acupuncture. What you think is a big deal to us. Your opinions matter to us. You are our peeps. (If my son read this he would say, “Don’t ever use the word peeps again Mama).

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