Thank you all the comments and questions about gelatin

A few of you ordered it and it is sitting in your pantry waiting to be used.  You don’t quite know how to use it.  Maybe you are a little scared.  After all, it is not like food we are commonly told to eat in the popular press.

Be brave, give it a try.

Do you make soup?  Follow the “blooming technique” in my last post and add it to any soup at all.  It enhances the flavor, makes your soup more nutrient dense (trust me, you’re looking for that), supports your immune system, and aids in digestion.

Oh and for you with skeletal bone loss, you really need to heed this post and start adding gelatin to your diet.

Do you like jello?  If you make gelatin based jello instead of making “jello from a box” you will find it easy to do, identical (or daresay even better) tasting as the box kind, and far more nutrient dense.

Anytime broth is called for in a recipe, jazz up the nutrients and flavor with gelatin.

Read about blooming in my last post.

Read this post several more times over the next week while waiting for your gelatin to arrive OR you just need to remember that you are indeed a brave kitchen warrior.

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I think I need to start videotaping this stuff so you can see it live.  I like those great video recipes they do on Facebook.  If I can afford to use that technology, I’m going to figure it out.  Just like YOU (yes I’m shouting) are going to figure out gelatin.  And eating gelatin is much easier than making a video I bet.

Happy summering!