Good News! Expanded hours and Private Treatments

Service times are expanding and will include private visits on Monday and Wednesday.
New schedule begins week of 3/22/2021

COVID numbers are down and vaccines are arrivingI have been scrutinizing the data on local and statewide COVID 19 and expecting the numbers (cases, hospitalizations, deaths) will be sufficiently low to slightly increase clinic numbers by the week of the Vernal Equinox, around March 21st. 

Nina will be returning, and by this time we both will have been vaccinated. I consider vaccination helpful in reducing risk of infection. While encouraged, we respect your rights to not vaccinate. So to reiterate, vaccines are recommended but not required.

Double Mask

Due to the new variants of the Covid 19 virus, the CDC is strongly recommending wearing 2 masks in public because those variants are up to 50% more contagious.

  • Double your mask unless wearing a N95 or KN95
  • Please keep your masks over your nose for the protection of the clinic.
  • Masks are strongly encouraged in the restroom.

Visit the CDC Mask info page for complete details on proper mask wearing.

Air Purifiers

We now have high quality air purifier filters in both treatment rooms. Soon we will add filters in the the reception area too!

When the winter temps are traded in for Spring temps, we will be keeping all our windows open as much as possible.

Clinic Updates

Prepaid plans will be retired by the end of March

We urge you to come in and use your visits. Please book on the web site, email or call.

Private Visits

A few of you have decided to wait out the pandemic before resuming. If you prefer we are offering private acupuncture on Monday or Wednesday beginning in March. I will treat one person per hour for $80.00. It is full service treatment.

New Patient Visits

In order to more effectively get new patients their first treatment while providing visit times for regular visits, we will begin New patient full consults and first acupuncture visits on the same day for $80. The visit will be 55 minutes long and as comprehensive as needed.

BYOB (bring your own blanket or sheet)

We are no longer providing sheets and blankets, so please bring your own if you like to be covered. The expense and volume of laundry we faced with Pandemic precautions was too onerous to continue. Each station is sanitized after each use so sheets and blankets are for your comfort, not your safety.

Closing thoughts…

I was lucky enough to get my vaccination at Mercy Medical Center in Springfield. Through a flyer given to everyone getting vaccinated there, I was able to register with VSafe and I hope you all strongly consider doing the same. VSafe is a side effect reporting program easily accessed from your smart phoneor with a browser by going here:

The CDC will send you a text at regular intervals enabling you to report any health irregularities (expected or not). It’s a good opportunity to contribute directly to science. You can opt out at any time.

The two important pieces of information vital to its success is the type of vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Astra Zeneca etc) and the Lot # received. It is the law that the Lot # is provided at the time of vaccination.  If you are not provided this information, refuse to vaccinate at that time, having inaccessible Lot #s to vaccines is against the law and that’s a really good law to have on the books!