Covid 19 Safety Checklist

Updated July 2, 2021

  • Masks or Face shields are mandatory for staff and patients.  Please bring your own.
  • Hand sanitizing station set up in the clinic entryway.  Please sanitize your hands upon entering.
  • Temperature checks will be done at our discretion. 
  • B.Y.O.B. We have covered treatment furniture in vinyl for sanitation purposes. Please bring your own blanket or sheet.
  • You may now come in to the entry way and wait to be seated
  • All surfaces that are most often touched (doors knobs, front desk, bathroom area) will be sanitized through out the day.
  • Surface cleaning sanitizer is EPA approved.
  • Hand sanitizer is alcohol based.  If that is a problem, a vigorous washing with soap and water (sing happy birthday twice) is easily done in either of 2 sinks in the office (back room and the restroom).
  • Acupuncturist will use hand sanitizer or hand washing between patients or if touching non-sterile surface.
  • Social distancing between patients is easy if everyone is mindful
  • Patients need to come alone unless scheduled with another patient (family member most likely).  Patient’s coming together may share a space at our determination.
  • Appointments only, no walk-ins please.

Thank you for your kind and loving attention in helping keep everyone safe from infection exposure.  Call us at (978) 342-4400 with any questions or concerns, we are happy to answer any questions.