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Thank you all the comments and questions about gelatin

A few of you ordered it and it is sitting in your pantry waiting to be used.  You don’t quite know how to use it.  Maybe you are a little scared.  After all, it is not like food we are commonly told to eat in the popular press. Be brave, give it a try. Do […]


Gelatin is a great addition to any diet; it’s what jello used to be…

Gelatin Here is my first food recommendation.  There is a load of information on gelatin.  Beef or pork gelatin is made from cows or pigs. At this juncture in life, if you are planning to add this to your diet -which I can’t recommend enough- purchase the good kind; free of antibiotics, free of added […]

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Acupuncture helps depression

General articles about how acupuncture works mostly focus on pain.  What is surprising to many, is that it works on the level of mental health as well.  One of the more common issues we see here at One World Acupuncture is depression. How does it work to help alleviate depression?  One way to explain its […]


Great article about theories of how acupuncture might work.…/35…/the-science-of-stretch It has to do with how acupuncture can help relax connective tissue, a woefully understudied bodily tissue.


What a lousy blogger I’m proving to be! Oh! How about anxiety?

I have so much to say but here I have the perfect opportunity to say it and somehow I let other “action items” go to the top of the To-Do list.  But it is still January, so I still have time to make good on my blog promise.  And so I will use the opportunity […]


Acupuncture and being a regular “blogger.”

Hello, Well I’m 3 days behind on my blog post promise I made on my e-newsletter.  But the fact that I have not completely ignored my promise to myself (by way of my promise to you) is a great achievement because for me to write regularly on a blog is quite a commitment; one that […]

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Winter storm cancellations

I have decided to close the clinic when there is a severe storm on the horizon for several reasons.  One, it is a bad idea to invite people into my office when the streets are dangerous to drive.  Second, I would like the snow plows to get into the parking lot and get the lot […]


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Free Day

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Free Day The Mayor of Leominster has kindly consented to come and “cut the ribbon” for our not so new, but new to the Mayor Leominster business. Date: Friday, December 12, 2014 Time: Ribbon cutting at 3:00 pm, Free Acupuncture Treatments 3:30 pm-5:30 pm Where: Here at One World Acupuncture, 98 […]


Welcome to Our New Image Here at One World Acupuncture!

Welcome to our new image here at One World Acupuncture! As you can see, we dropped the word “community” In our business name and logo. We still give acupuncture treatments in the same large room; nothing about that has changed. We updated the look and “feel” of our website and logo in more dark and […]

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