Welcome to One World Acupuncture.

Affordable, Safe, Effective

Times have changed and so have we in order to be able to provide our services to this wonderful community in Central Massachusetts.
Please read the SAFETY CHECKLIST before your visit.

  • We will be much quieter as our intakes will take place over the phone.
  • We will be much more careful – temperature checks, masks, hand washing, cloth free (byoblanket), infection control checklist, less people around, social distancing at 6 feet, and no waiting room.
  • Some treatments can take place outside in our back patio!
  • New patients will be able to schedule starting in August as we have so many patient visits to catch up on!
  • Prices have changed.  New visits will be $45.  Return visits will be $30.  We will honor those who have AcuNap cards but we are discontinuing any new purchases.

Seeing you all again and treating you will be what I am looking forward to most of all!

Feel free to call the office at (978)342-4400.  If you have not been getting my email newsletters, please sign up!

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