News & Announcements

Our next Free Day will be on Wednesday March 15 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.  Sign up here.

Due to snowstorm our office will be closed on Tuesday March 14, 2017.  All appointments can be rescheduled by emailing us at  They are calling this snow shoveling “heart attack” type because it will be heavy and wet and potentially 2 feet in depth with lots of snowdrifts from the heavy winds.  Please take you time shoveling or get someone else to do it if you have an injury or you are not physically able.

We will be closed from Thursday March 30 – Saturday April 1 for training.  We will be open for regular business hours on Tuesday April 3.

One World Acupuncture in the Leominster Champion!

Welcome to One World Acupuncture.

We welcome you into acupuncture and encourage you to stay with us as part of your health care team for several reasons. We treat a variety of health care issues. And because we give over 4,000 treatments a year, we have a lot of experience; better results follow more experience.

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Another reason we encourage you to try acupuncture here is that you will be part of a community of health. By that we mean you will be treated in a big, beautiful room with other beautiful people of all shapes, colors and sizes. You may be surprised to recognize friends, neighbors and co-workers within our walls. These people –your friends, neighbors, and co-workers- will help you get better and you will help them to get better because everyone’s healing intention is magnified in that big beautiful room.

We are proud of our space and what we are accomplishing as a center for healing and wellness through acupuncture. We open our hearts and healing hands to lots of people. So that we can keep our doors open to our community here in North Central Massachusetts, we see lots of people on a sliding fee scale of $20-$40 per treatment, first treatment costs a flat rate of $30. You decide what you can pay.  We offer cost saving pre-pay treatment pack of 10 treatments for $180; available at the front desk.

We are an acupuncture practice at City Center, which is a new office development in Leominster, Mass; we share a parking lot with the new Leominster YMCA. Originally we were located in Fitchburg which may be why you recognize our name. It is our continuing privilege to be part of this community and we are happy to provide our services to the Central Massachusetts area.